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  • kiosk diy enclosures

    Specter Kiosk Enclosures

    The Specter Kiosk Enclosure is one of the most versatile kiosk enclosures available and can be configured for many applications.  Constructed of one solid welded structure, the Specter also has the added benefit of a large front surface that is perfect for applying custom graphics and signage.

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  • kiosk diy touch stands

    Podium Kiosk Stands 

    Now all of the Podium Kiosk Stands are available for purchase.  These stands are extremely versatile, economical, and easily transported and shipped.  These six kiosk stand models now give the user who wishes the ability to use their own all-in-one or LCD display heads and also give the user the ability to configure these stands to accommodate a host of peripheral options...

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