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    Indoor Kiosk Stands

    Indoor kiosk stands and enclosures are constructed of heavy gauge steel.

    These Specter and Podium stands are extremely versatile, economical, and easily transported and shipped. These kiosk stand models now give the user who wishes the ability to use their own all-in-one or LCD display heads and also give the user the ability to configure these stands to accommodate a host of peripheral options...

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  • outdoor kiosks

    Outdoor Kiosks

    Outdoor kiosks are our core product and are designed for 24/7 outdoor use.

    Whether it's gating, access control, trucking logistics, parking, wayfinding or any other requirement the ODKS Series can handle any outdoor application. Available in many sizes and dozens of options, The ODKS can be configured precisely for any need.

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  • indoor touch kiosks

    Indoor Kiosks

    These Indoor kiosks are rock­ solid, stylish, and extremely configurable.

    Kiosk applications are many, and the Indoor Floor Stand kiosks, Specter or Podium kiosks can be configured for any of them because almost every conceivable peripheral option can be integrated into them. Custom signage is also available to give the kiosk your unique brand and look.

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  • touchscreen all in one

    Touch AIOs

    I&E's Touchscreen All-in-Ones are commercial-grade with steel cases suitable for kiosk use.

    Featuring a variety of case styles, sizes, CPU configurations, PCAP or IR touch, peripheral add-ons, and mounting options these touch AIOs are also at the heart of the indoor kiosk series but can also serve in a wall-mounted stand-alone roll as well.

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